LOFT 14 

Located in an old warehouse-style building currently used as live-work homes for artists and allied professionals, this 2000 sf penthouse has a commanding view of the South End. A clean and pared-down aesthetic was employed to fit the desires of the owners, an industrial designer and a successful businesswoman. Taking advantage of the fourteen windows and fourteen foot skylit ceilings, Loft 14 is an airy and bright series of spaces brought together in light. Subtle shades of grays and whites, coupled with natural wood accents, create a neutral palette for furnishings and artwork. Semi-defined spaces such as the expandable industrial design studio, the second bedroom/library, and a grand living space provide the owners with a variety of flexible arrangements for work, entertaining and relaxation.

client                         private client             

contractor                Sleeping Dog Properties Inc.

location                     South End, Boston, Massachusetts           

completion              2015