Crossfit Coolidge Corner

Bodyscapes Fitness, an established Boston-area chain of fitness clubs, set out to raise the design bar for crossfit facilities. This 4000 sf “box” is a testament to the owners’ desires to bring together design, branding and a great workout experience. Rather that the traditionally utilitarian, gritty and bland facilities typical of crossfit, the introduction of bright colors, shiny diamond plate accents and maple veneer millwork make Crossfit Coolidge Corner unique. Material choices had to support the overall idea of a more upscale crossfit while being rugged, inexpensive and easy to replace. Working with Holland Mark as the branding and marketing consultants, Studio DRAW has provided CFCC with a design personality that will be recognized as more of these Reebok-certified boxes are opened.

client                           Crossfit Coolidge Corner | Bodyscapes Fitness

contractor                  Dovetail Construction Corporation

location                        Brookline, Massachusetts

completed                 2014