Beacon Hill residence

A 19th century carriage house on the flat of Beacon Hill was given an upgrade from a neo-traditional renovation dating to 2006. Poorly sized rooms were revised for better flow, details were simplified from their unusual proportions, and new materials introduced urban sophistication. A white interior bounces as much light as possible from the central skylight into the darker rooms. A new custom kitchen provides a modern anchor at the rear of the house, and similar millwork deployed throughout the house ties the rooms together. Furnishings, carpets, lighting and artwork were an integral part of the design process. This project was designed and managed by Aaron J. Weinert AIA while at H+A Inc, with Kate Kelley as primary interior designer.

client                          private residential client

contractor                 Sea-Dar Construction

location                      Beacon Hill, Boston, Massachusetts

area                              3000 sf

completed                 2011